• Polishing Wheel - Blue Silicone (Bag of 10)

We use these wheels to polishing or removing solder.  When building, or repairing, chassis, motors, anything where you use solder, these wheels quickly remove excess solder and will polish solder joints to perfection!

These are not substitutions for learning how to solder properly, and cleanly, but can help even the best builders clean up solder joints during their builds.

For repair, or rebuilding, these wheels will remove old solder, preparing the part, or motor can, for re-soldering. without damaging the being soldered to.

A must have for all chassis and motor builders.

These are considered "Fine" grit.

These will fit on standard Dremel mandrels, or you can get one of our mandrels. 

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Polishing Wheel - Blue Silicone (Bag of 10)

  • Brand: JCR Products
  • Product Code: JCRPWB10
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  • $12.99

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