Many Eurosport racers glue their gears to their axles to avoid spur gears from coming loose during a race.  Safely and efficiently storing these gear/axle sets after they are glued can be difficult.  With our Glued Gear/Axle Box, you can store up to 34 gear/axle sets (17 - 2mm and 17 - 3/32 axles), (12) 2mm axle blanks, (10) 3/32 axle blanks, and numerous spur gears, all in one, easily packed/stored container that's just a little over 4" X 6" .  The holder is designed for easy removal of the axle sets, blank axles and gears.

A must have for Eurosport racers!

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Glued Axles Box

  • Brand: JCR Products
  • Product Code: JCRAB
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $29.99

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