This was the first product we designed.  It was originally designed to hold armatures while reading them with the Go Fast Products armature meter.  (No longer available).  The problem is, if you read the armature while holding it in your hand, the temperature of the armature will change, giving inconsistent readings.  Ideally, all of your arms should be measured at a consistent temperature, such as room temperature.

If you have one of the Go Fast arm meters, this holder is an awesome addition to your tool kit.

This little gem will hold your arms, from 16D to Eurosport, while you take your readings.

It can also be used to hold your arms while you apply armature dye, allowing you to rotate the arm without touching the commutator, or risk dropping it while you apply the arm dye, allowing for a smoother, more even application of the dye.

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Arm Holder

  • Brand: JCR Products
  • Product Code: JCRAH
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